Textile Control operates on the market of Uzbekistan since 2010 and is the first production company that combines the power of conventional textile products manufacturer and competent marketing. It has established its own production of knitted fabrics, terry cloth and fabrics. Textile Control is AQL pioneer in Uzbekistan. We were the first to study and successfully introduce to the work the inspection based on AQL quality control system MLT-std QC 105 standard. We provide monthly monitoring of enterprises of Uzbekistan based on the following parameters: list of products, product quality, objective assessment of the supplier integrity, visualization and remote on-demand presentation of the company of your interested, assessment of production capacity.

Textile Control has the opportunity to work with partners in the ruble zone (information only for customers of the Russian Federation), because we have a Trading house in Russia with a warehouse in Moscow at the address: “LIBERTY” Moscow, Shchelkovo highway 3, building 1, office 502.

If you want to become our partner – call us:
+7 (909) 679 99 88, +7 (962) 997 81 77, +7 (495) 150 77 95, +8 (800) 707 77 95

If necessary, TextileControl organizes the arrival of partners and arranges business meetings of suppliers and customers.

Evaluation of the cost of TextileControl services is determined by the results of processing of a detailed request received from the customer, and in each case is strictly individual


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Our participation in the international business platform Bee-together

On may 31, 2017 we took part In the international business platform Be-together in Moscow,
where they presented their trademark ” with love from my mother.” About how it was, see our video report from the event.


Our participation in Federal exhibitions

So there were hot days of Federal exhibitions, see how it was. If You liked our products and You have decided to become our partner, you just need to call the numbers listed at the end of the video or send a request to e-mail: info@textilecontrol.uz


How the fabric is created

Every inch of fabric you use every day is the result of the efforts of several hundred people – from cotton growers to designers and seamstresses.
If you are interested in how the “Grail” of all textile workers looks like, we offer you to look at the process of creating fabric from the inside.