Do you think Uzbek textile is worn only in Uzbekistan?


Today every citizen of Uzbekistan has knitwear cloths in the wardrobe produced domestically. This is justified  as our knitwear at a low price has the highest quality. Now Uzbekistan produces competitive product, which is in demand abroad.

Textile Control operates on the market of Uzbekistan since 2010 and is the first production company that combines the power of conventional textile products manufacturer and competent marketing. It has established its own production of knitted fabrics, terry cloth and fabrics. Textile Control is AQL pioneer in Uzbekistan. We were the first to study and successfully introduce to the work the inspection based on AQL quality control system MLT-std QC 105 standard. We provide monthly monitoring of enterprises of Uzbekistan based on the following parameters: list of products, product quality, objective assessment of the supplier integrity, visualization and remote on-demand presentation of the company of your interested, assessment of production capacity.

How do we work? Get an order for the production of any kind of specified product. First we need to know the specifications. The list of specifications for each type:

  • Knitwear: fabric name, type of yarns (carded, comb, compact, open-end), grammage, dyeing (a severe, smooth, padded, active, pigment) and the volume of shipment.
  • Fabric: Fabric name, kind of yarn (carded, combed, open-end), grammage, weft, width, dyeing (harsh, bleached, witelanded, padded, active, pigment), the volume of shipment.
  • Bed linen: fabric name, type of yarns (carded, combed, open-end), grammage, weft, width, dyeing (harsh, bleached, whitelanded, padded, active, pigment), size and equipment (pillow cases, sheets, duvet covers) seam, seamless, the volume of shipment.
  • Mahra: a finished product or a cloth in rolls, single-stranded or double-stranded mahr, double or single twist yarn, size (for finished products), dyeing (smooth or dyeing of yarn dyed), grammage and volume of shipment.
  • Yarn: ways of spinning (ring spinning, compact, open-end), types of yarn (combed, carded, open-end), twist (850 knitting, weaving 1250, double terry), Standard (Ne and Nm), the volume of shipment.

According to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan any textile, knitwear products are not released abroad without 100% prepayment. We work under the terms of 50% payment before production starts, and 50% to the immediate shipment. As an exception, we consider working with regular customers under an irrevocable letter of credit.

Textile Control works closely with logistics companies, which enables us  to provide the most favorable delivery price to the destination. We have an opportunity to work with partners in the ruble zone (information only for customers of the Russian Federation).

If necessary, we arrange the arrival of partners and business meetings of suppliers and customers.

Valuation of Textile Control services is determined on the basis of detailed processing of the customer request, and in each case is strictly individual.

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